How to create NTFS File links Programmatically.

21 04 2008

Unix guys don’t need an introduction about file links, because its one of the beginner Unix skills – how to create a file link. But usually in windows arena, file links may be the least discussed one among beginners. In simple words, file links are – one Physical file in disk but with different file names. All the file names points to the same file. There are a number of usages for file links.

  • Hide the master file from a bunch of naughty users.
  • You can assign different access rights for different users by creating file links for the same file.( each link have different permissions.)
  • To keep the filename constant and you can change the mapping to another file.
  • Etc etc… it goes on.

So how can i create a link for a file? You can use the api – CreateHardLink(). See the sample code snippet below.

CreateHardLink( _T(“c:\\masterfile.dat”),    // Source File
                _T(“c:\\LinkToMaster.dat”),  // Link name
                NULL );    // Security attributes

You can use DeleteFile() to delete the created link.

Targeted Audience – Beginners.



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