Interesting bug in VisualStudio!

15 07 2008

Once in technical forum, a guy asked how to add ampersand( & ) symbol to control captions? Because the ampersand( & ) symbol is used to specify the keyboard accelerator for the control. Have a look at my previous post –

Visual Studio, the ultimate creator – recommends to add && to make ampersand visible in control captions. But, does the creator himself suffer due to ampersand problem? 😉 Read on…

Have a look at the properties of Auto variable item in Visual Studio window. It suffers the same bug. The variable name is “&lResult”. But in the properties window, its displayed as lResult”. See the screenshot.

Pretty funny, nah? BTW, Was that guy from Microsoft? 😉 (Just kidding)

But I always bow my head in front this legendary compiler suite. Its a classic. I tried a lot, but my heart won’t allow me to switch to the new generation Visual Studio IDEs. Still 6.0 is my favorite. What about you guys? Comment on!

Targeted Audience – Beginners.