How to reduce the size of Microsoft Word files?

7 12 2008

Documentation is inevitable for developers. Mostly we use Microsoft Word for documentation and you’ve already noticed the huge file size of word files. It often gets several megabytes in size. Its mostly when you copy paste images to document. While pasting, the images are embedded as bitmaps and hence the huge size. Well if you zip it, then it will drastically reduce the size. Well, is there any other method to reduce the size without zipping?


Microsoft Word have built in feature for compressing images. Follow the steps below.

1. Right click any of the pictures in your word document and select “Format Picture”

2. Now take  “Picture tab” and click Compress” button.

3. Now in the compression options, you could select accordingly. For optimal file size, select resolution as “Web/screen” and apply for “All Pictures in document”.

Now check the file size! Amazing. isn’t it? 😉

Well, no more zipping head aches, no more email bouncing due to attachment size. Complete Peace for Mind 😉

Targeted Audience – Beginners.



4 responses

7 12 2008

nice one!

7 12 2008

Thanks buddy! Keep watching.


11 12 2008

I try to avoid pasting images directly into Word (or any other Office application – Outlook comes first to mind). The better way to go would be to add an image file via the menu (don’t have it in front of me, but just look for add -> image -> from file or so). This means you sometimes have to first create a file with the image, but it’s a small effort for a great gain.

11 12 2008

Indeed Eran. I used to do that before – Instead of copy/paste files, save them as jpg and insert them to document. But for one or two images it may be okay. When the image count goes on, it irritates and that is the motivation for this tip. 😉 Anyway thanks a lot for your comment and keep watching.


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