POLL: Would you like the Pictures in the posts to be continued or not?

18 01 2009

Dear Visual C++ Enthusiast,

You might have noticed the picture selection for each article in this blog. Well, for every article a picture which matches to the content is hand picked and added. My intention is just to have a bit of fun and relaxing while reading the articles.

Picture Courtesy – campusali

Even though I mention the source of images as hyperlinks, I’m afraid of copyright violations and I am thinking to remove the pictures from blog. Well, the preference of my fellow readers is the most important one to me; so i would like to know your opinion. Kindly mark your opinion in poll and I really appreciate your willingness to take part in the survey! And thanks a lot for visiting. Keep Watching!!!

For We.See.Tips,



3 responses

1 02 2009

The images are really good. In fact excellent never remove them.

9 10 2009

Actually this images attracted me to your blog. This really distinguishes you from other technical bloggers. Only in a few blogs, i see this type of visual treat( one is Jeff Atwood’s Codding Horror)

But now a days it is really distracting. I usually disable the image download, while browsing your blog.

If you need more people visit your blog, you should keep these images.

29 12 2009

The images attracted me to your blog, and push me to read the new articles.
please don’t remove them.

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