How to skip a class or library from being profiled?

26 03 2008

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We used to run profiler for performance tuning. By using profiler, you can check – function timing, function coverage etc. By default profiler profiles the entire modules. But how can we skip a particular user library or class from profiling?

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There is a setting file named profile.ini, where profiler keep its settings.
For skipping a user library just add a line like this.

Assume you have a class named CHighPerfomance and want it to be skipped from profiling, then add the following line.

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The profiler setting file is located at

Handy MSDN.

23 03 2008

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In some urgent cases we need to refer function details such as .h, lib, dll name of API etc…, evenif MSDN or internet is not accessable. For that inside visual studio directory a CSV file is provided which describe complete Win32 API function descriptions.

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Its here – <VisualStudioDir>\VC98\Lib\WIN32API.CSV
Open and have a look!