How to convert CString to char* or LPTSTR?

17 12 2008

Without a second thought, I can say that it will be one of the first problems that beginners face – How to convert a CString to LPTSTR. I’ve seen this question several times in forums. Well, i think the CString to LPTSTR conversion is just like this picture. 😉


Well, you can use CString::GetBuffer() to access the internal buffer of CString. But one thing to take care is that – you should release the buffer by calling CString::ReleaseBuffer() after use. Check the code snippet below,

// Our CString object.
CString String = "HelloWorld";

// Get the internal buffer pointer of CString.
LPTSTR pString = String.GetBuffer( 0 );

// Use the pString and then release it.

Now get rid of that nasty error message – error C2664: ‘Hello’ : cannot convert parameter 1 from ‘class CString’ to ‘char *’. 😉

Targeted Audience – Beginners.