How to make your debug build – a slim beauty.

1 04 2008

Icon Description
Usually debug builds are bulky. It will be nice, if we can reduce the size of debug binaries before delivery.

Icon How Can I Do It?
If you turn off the “Incremental Linking” option, the size of debug build will be reduced dramatically. But beware, it can increase your total build time.

1) Take project settings.
2) Go to Link tab
3) Disable “Link Incrementally”

Now rebuild and check the size. Wow!!! She became really slim. 😉

Icon Note
1) You have to change the “Settings->C/C++->Debug Info” to “Program Database”. Or else you’ll get a warning.
2) Turning off Incremental Linking can increase your build time. So its recommenced only before delivery.

Targeted Audience – Beginners.