Happy Birthday! WeSeeTips!!!

25 03 2009

Image Courtesy – Corbis

Dear Visual C++ Enthusiasist,

Today is the first birthday of WeSeeTips. When i start this blog, my dream target was 1000 hits and at least 10-20 visitors per day. But at present, weseetips have 1,20,000 hits and more than 500~600 daily visits! Thanks a lot for making weseetips a grand success! All the credit goes to my fellow readers – that means you! Without you, this couldn’t be achieved. My sincere thanks to you all for reading weseetips and for keep watching! Lets grow together!

I would like to have a feedback from your side. About positives and negatives, points to improve, etc.. Kindly spend few seconds to drop some words! Please Help me to help you!

Very soon WeSeeTips will have a cosmetic change over! Well, whats it? Shhhhh! that’s a secret. 😉 Keep watching buddy, that day is not so far. Once again thanking you all,

For WeSeeTips,